Some Training Practices

All basic training sessions include:

for 3 session packages

1. Sit

2. Down

3. Stay

4. Sit / Stay.... Down/Stay

5. Re-call  Comes when called

For 5 session packages

Training includes the first 5 practices plus

1. Stay at a distance

2. Go to place and stay

3. Loose leash walking

4. Leave it

5. Re-call from distance

6. Fun trick 

7. Watch-Me

8. Target (touch)

All of these basic training sessions will cover

Behavioral Issues as needed 

Such As:

Jumping, leash pulling, resource guarding, excessive barking, Begging,

Chewing, Not coming when called, house breaking, Digging, Minor biting,

Puppy house breaking

Other more aggressive issues will be addressed on a case by case basis, higher fees will be charged depending on each individual issue